About Bearstone® Document Control

An Information Organization and Management Company

Bearstone® Document Control is a leader in information management services, assisting companies and individual clients with uploading, storing, protecting and managing their information.

Organizations in every major industry and of all sizes rely on Bearstone® Document Control as their information management partner. On their behalf, we currently safeguard and provide access and services including but not limited to online records management, electronic document PDF conversion, BDC Digital Conversion Services and BDCupload premium services, electronic records retrieval, emails, computer backup tapes, and servers. The list is exponentially growing.

Trust by our customers and reliability is what Bearstone® known as. We safely store some of the sensitive and private personal, business documents and medical records. We want customers to know that they can trust us. We safely store private and personal, business documents and records of all kind. To properly protect this information, Bearstone® Document Control has an unrivaled infrastructure of facilities and data centers.

Our experience, knowledge and reputation for security have combined to make us a leading provider of:
• Records management
• Document collection and compilation services
• Data protection and recovery
• Information destruction

We continually work to ensure our partners get the most from their information, while reducing their costs and risks associated with storing and protecting it.

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